Travel + Work experience!

Growth: 9
Support: 9
Fun: 10
Housing: 8
Safety: 8

When I applied through Asia Internship Program to do a HR internship in Indonesia I was looking to mesh travel and gaining experience to make my LinkedIn profile and resume more impressive. I had indevered to go to Indonesia because it was not the most typical place to see down on a resume so I thought it would be eye catching.

As a person who has never gone anywhere on their own before going to Indonesia I can say that the staff at AIP did a fairly good job when setting me up for my move, the process did take a little longer than I expected but I suppose the visa time is out of their hands, but to be fair I was given precise directions for the visa arrangements.

When I landed in Jakarta I stayed in a hostel in the ‘city centre’ - I had no idea just how massive the city was - the hostel was in a pretty good location for touristic activities but far away from my work, finding a house was a bit stressful just because I had to do it after work and I was just so tired but I found one eventually! Day to day life was pretty pleasant in Indonesia, the people seem very relaxed I wasn’t crazy on the food just because I am a weakling when it comes to spice!

Human Resources suits we down to the ground because I love talking to people and helping people, during my internship I had the opportunity to converse with many international people so I was in my element. It was a great fit for me. While my time here was amazing I am looking forward to going back home and bragging to people about my stint abroad!

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