IVHQ Uganda /Childcare program

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

Get ready for the experience of a lifetime! I did a lot of research before starting the program to make sure the IVHQ volunteer program was really making an impact in the community, was transparent with fees and had locally driven goals. IVHQ met all of these expectations and more. With so many options it can be overwhelming, but the IVHQ website and staff made it easy to navigate through the process. One thing I also appreciate is the several programs to choose from in the country you decide to volunteer. This means they want people with specific skills for each project. Having this kind of programming is great because you actually add value to your community and leave them with skills and assistance they need for the future. Building Capacity, not dependency!
My Program (Child Care In Uganda)-This program is incredible! Depending on the month you attend you can teach lessons, read to them and have fun activities. Also participate in the care of their daily living, things such as bathing and feeding. I still can’t really describe the joy you feel when they come running towards you with open arms excited to see you. It is a beautiful experience, but it also takes hard work. It is also important to remember each volunteer can put as much effort as they want into the childcare center. Examples (Work in the garden they have, clean and maintain the center, think of long-term sustainably for the center).Really put your time to good use. Think about how your specific skills can benefit the center long term.

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