2nd me to we trip

Impact: 9
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Value: 6
Safety: 9

Our facilitators in Kenya were beyond remarkable and what has been done by me to we with regards to the schools and hospital are also commendable! Though I believe that me to we needs to declare that this is a social awareness program rather than volunteer.

Having volunteered with other organizations, there was little time dedicated to volunteering in both India and Kenya. I was also add that as Me to We invites adults on this trip that they integrate their skills to aid the program. Fortunately this year those of us that could work I the hospital did, a total of three days out of two weeks. In the past we have brought suitcases of supplies and braces to other volunteer projects. We were told by me to we that it was not necessary - we beg to differ, there was plenty that we could have brought that would've helped with just the basics.

Lastly the cost of camping in army tents at a tune of $3000 was incomparable to the other location with the "cottages". I would rather me to we asked less all the way around and have everybody stay in army tents with outhouses, this would be closer to the people's reality to whom you are serving.

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