SStS Kenya

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Hey guys! I’m an SStS Detroit and Kenya alumn, and here’s my experience with Kenya:

This trip was an incredible opportunity to travel to a different part of the world. Before Kenya, I’d never been to Africa. It was the start of my passion for traveling, and inspired me to see more of the continent in the years since. It was an amazing experience. We got to work side by side with International Peace Initiatives, with Dr. K, an inspiring woman and mentor, to help with their sustainable living project. Nairobi and Meru are beautiful cities, with truly inspiring citizens. SStS provides us with the opportunity to work with them, share with them, and learn from them. Hearing their stories and witnessing their hard work and determination was incredibly inspiring.
My team was really fun to work with and get to know—we had tons of fun experiences and lasting friendships. I still keep in touch with people from both of my SStS trips. The course instructors, too, are wonderful connections for life. Some of my high school teachers are instructors for other courses, and because of them, I got to meet other inspirational mentors of other programs. One of them even wrote a college recommendation for me, on the basis of my desire to travel and see the world in the lenses we experience with SStS.

In fact, SStS is one of the reasons why I chose to study at an international school for university. Now, I’m studying in Paris and traveling throughout Europe and Africa!

So, sign up for a course today! It’s an incredible opportunity, and one you’ll be thankful to take advantage of.

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