My Week in Brasov

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I went on a one week program with Globe Aware in July of 2017. I was a part of a small group of 3 volunteers from the US, though it felt like we had many more on the trip considering all of the lovely local Globe Aware staff and all of the folks receiving therapy at the center for people with special needs, where we volunteered daily. The program was well organized and I felt that I was able to make a difference while assisting the lead therapist in daily activities at the center. We helped with everything from arts and crafts, to pool therapy, to the simple things like making sure we all washed our hands before each meal. I really connected with my fellow volunteers and all of the people there as well. The lead therapist would translate for us when we would tell stories about life at home and really enjoyed learning some Romanian as well. She was always there to guide us. Lunches were fantastic and made fresh daily by one of the moms there at the center. Dinners were arranged at the hotel, which is right on the major pedestrian street in Brasov. Brasov is such a beautiful city, and I was completely blown away by the thriving cafe culture in the old town. There are plenty of sights to see in town, as well as taking a trip out to see Castle Bran and Rasnov Citadel. If you have time, I highly recommend doing some onward travel in Transylvania - though I think Brasov is still may favorite city in the end. I highly recommend this trip to anyone interested in volunteering in Romania!

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