Unforgettable and excellent scientific experience :)

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

I luckily had the opportunity to experience the BIYSC as a student of the robotics programme and as a Staff member, two very different points of view from which I personally fell in total love with the programme. The BIYSC opens the world of scientific and technological excellence and professional research to young people and, in my opinion, it manages to do it in the most enjoyable way. Dozens of passionate students from all around the world meet in the sunny Barcelona to share their love and devotion to Science and life knowledge. In a few hours from the start of the programme, their participants become a family.

What I most love about the programme is its sweet essence. For me, the BIYSC means afternoons playing the guitar and singing in a chorus all together, nights discussing philosophical theories for our current politics with people who come from a far country, hours of deep conversation with your mates about issues related to your interest field, intense basketball matches before the dinnertime… and all of this while you’re taking part of an advanced project in one of the world’s best Science research centres.

During my experience as a student and thanks to my wise teachers and staff tutors, I discovered what Science really was and I found a real scientist and technology lover in me. I made very interesting and important friends, and right now, I am happy to see some of them when meetings are possible for us: I truly think that these friendships will last forever! As a Staff member, I enjoyed a lot the experience because we all tutors were fond of the students and it was so lovely to take care of them witnessing their progress in the laboratories. I experienced many unique and heartwarming moments with them and I can sincerely say that I learned a lot from the commitment and enthusiasm of the participants.

BIYSC teaches you about Science, Technology but also about life. The programme is doubtlessly the most rewarding and unforgettable experience any young boy or girl could think of.

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