Best TEFL Program

Instruction: 5
Support: 5
Value: 5
Academic Rigor: 3
Job Assistance: 5

Before deciding to enroll ITTI's Paris program, I scoured the internet for weeks diligently investigating the TEFL programs available. After countless hours in front of the computer, I decided to go with ITTI, and I couldn't be happier I did.

Firstly, ITTI's instructors are top self, they truly care about their student and want them to succeed. The classes are small enough that you are able to get the critical one-on-one time needed while becoming a TEFL teacher. Also, you would not believe the support that you get from this program and the people involved with it. At all times of the day (as well as late at night), they were available and would bend over backward to help you in any way they could. When I made the short-sighted mistake of not having a permanent residence to stay at while in Paris, ITTI was there to help! They even called in a several favors with local universities to try to find a dorm for me!

Since this course, I've been sought after by dozens of TEFL organizations looking for teachers. Within a month of receiving my certification, I had received calls from schools in China, Japan, Colombia, and more! I'm currently working with American English Online, setting my own schedule and teaching students in Sozhou, China. What really stands out with this program is the in-class teaching experience it gives you. Not going to lie, it feels really good to write "English teach in Paris, France" on your resume!

And finally, the course is in Paris! Constantly you're surrounded by historic architecture, delicious food and, some of the most fun-loving people you'd ever meet. Also, Paris is just a train ride away from London, Brussels, Barcelona, and dozens of other unique and magnificent cities. I implore you, consider this course, I wouldn't trade my experience with it for the world.

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