Instruction: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Value: 10

Made the best decision of my life so far to participate in GOGO Summer course July 2017.

Enrollment process- Nathan, the International student coordinator, answered all my questions promptly and thoroughly. How easy was the process? Picture this: I started the process around the 1st of July-and was on the plane to Korea by the 21st!

Schooling- I was placed at Lexis Korea, a language school in the heart of Gangnam. Lessons were well-paced and my teacher was very attuned to the student's learning styles and levels.

Housing/accommodation- I stood for 3 weeks in a quaint goshiwon right off a main road in Gangnam. Had no complaints about the cleanliness, accessibility, and features of the place. (GOGO is your advocate if you had any concerns about your housing placement, which would be handled promptly. For example, I realized I didn't have a TV in my room but I was promised one-I contacted GOGO and sent the school a ticket and had a TV installed the next day!)

Support-I was on a group chat with my GOGO advisors so they were very accessible. They were very patient and understanding. One time, i needed help using the washing machine-I sent a photo in the chat and Eddy translated the buttons for me!

Activities- GOGO's activities are fun and well-paced, allowing you to maintain a balance of self-exploration and exploration with GOGO. The activities allow a chance to bond with the GOGO team members and your fellow summer group peers. The GOGO team is very enthusiastic about the spots and are genuinely interested in your feedback and experience.

Overall, I couldn't have had a better time. I felt very comfortable asking my gogo advisors questions.

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Really enjoyed the trip and especially appreciated the chance to to buy tickets to join the other activities.
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