My Trip Of A Lifetime

Impact: 7
Support: 9
Fun: 10
Value: 7
Safety: 8

Back in June, myself and my friend took a huge step and travelled to Nepal with Projects Abroad. As two 18 year girls we were terrified as neither of us had travelled on our own before but Projects Abroad put us at ease instantly. They were with us from the moment we emailed them inquirying about Nepal to departing back home. We did the Care and Community project in Kathmandu for a month. We taught in one of the local school's, teaching children from 3-12 yr old about Science, Computers, Maths and English. We let them do Art if they got their work done and the Art I came home with are drawings I'll cherish forever.

After a day's work we would go get momo's or meet up with friends from other projects in a different town and explore. We made friends for life over there and some are even coming over to visit us for St Patrick’s Day!

When we got back to our host family, everyone in my house would gather in one of the rooms and talk about our day. Dinner was always delicious. Even a fussy eater will love it. My host was the friendliest woman. She would often talk to us about her day or try to accommodate her schedule around us. Her children loved that they have volunteers frequently and talk to us when they aren't busy with homework or playing on their tin whistle that we brought over.

Project's Abroad contacted us frequently with updates about workshops and asked to meet up in café’s to talk about how we are settling in and if we have any problems or even just to talk. They even made sure our living conditions were appropriate. They couldn’t do enough for us. Even when we arrived home we got an email asking us if we enjoyed our trip. This organisation isn’t a business, it’s a caring environment that want to see both parties benefit and honestly I think we both did. I will forever cherish the memories I made in Nepal and the friends I’ve made for life. If anyone is considering travelling with Project's Abroad, it would be a decision you won't regret!

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