BFITS-the company, the people, the environment

Benefits: 5
Support: 8
Fun: 8
Facilities: 7
Safety: 9

The company gets a ton of things right. What are they? They provide materials and support, they try their best to accommodate you with location and subjects, they have a variety of teaching options across the city and the country, they are progressing with the times i.e. technology/methodology and the staff genuinely wants you to succeed.

The managers really want you to do well. For all subjects you get resources beyond a book/worksheets to really bring the class to life. The management staff as a whole is very knowledgeable and can guide you.

The company takes care of all your visa needs and makes it a very smooth process. They give advice on where to live and your commute. Its a very seamless and supported process.

The overall experience is terrific and I would recommend the company to anyone coming to Thailand.

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