Best Study Trip since France

Academics: 8
Support: 9
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 9

The study facility & accomodation at Bannari Amman Institute of Technology are world class. The guest house was a place where it felt like home away from home. The environment that the staff at the college, and guest house provided, was an atmosphere that I both feel comfortable and at ease. The recreational facilities include a gym for guests that was both modern and spacious.

The quality of the learning experience at the BIT institute and Quantum Knits exceeded my expectation of India, because of the technical knowledge and the enthusiasm that staff and a textile manufacturing company have passed onto us. A significant factor to the success of the study tour is the well structured programme.

It exceeded every expectation that I had about the people, culture, business and philanthropy. Giles Brooker's team in Coimbatore, not only managed a well run tour, but also provided us the opportunity to take on extra cultural experiences, such as elephant riding, temple visits. Just a holistic sense of what it is like to do business there. Not to mention, the academic staff (PhD students) that accompanied us on the tour was very knowledgeable and in accommodating our cultural differences.

The level of engagement in India was a lot more in depth and challenging. That is weekly presentations to industry experts, gave me the chance to really get my information right. At Victoria University, my learning experience is primarily assignment based on theoretical underpinnings of human resource management, economics, finance and corporate social responsibility. In comparison, the study tour in India both provided a chance to explore academic literature and experience what it is like in real world business.

The highlight for me would be Quantum Knit's internship. Dhanabalan, Vice President, really passed onto me a first hand knowledge of what top management deals with on a day to day basis. An experience with learning about the different divisions of a garment manufacturing company, widened my scope on how a business chain solutions and logistics work in Tamil Nadu. The opportunity to meet buyers (customers) of Quantum Knits illustrated a proud sense of business ethics that Dhanabalan carries within QK.

The overseas study tour and internship have enabled me to gain the confidence and necessary cultural sensitivity for communicating and successfully navigating through a wide variety of business models. That is the vis-à-vis business skills, that is face to face meetings, leadership within an international setting. But most of all, the stuff that I cannot read about in literature.

My outlook in overseas work and internships have changed now. That is I am a lot more confident in developing professional business relationships. Outlook is optimistic, because of the positive experience in India, have led me to be more open to opportunities overseas, India and other countries abroad.

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Hey Thanks for an amazing trip everyone @ Giles Brooker Group !!