Loving Girls, Wonderful People, Beautiful City

Impact: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 8
Value: 10
Safety: 8

If you have a true love for children and adolescents, lots of energy, and creative skills to share, you will thrive in this volunteer position. Come ready to give 110% to these girls!

My 3 weeks in Arequipa with Volunteers Peru was one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. I absolutely loved running up to the girls in the morning to give them a hug, sharing my entire repertoire of Disney songs with them, jumping on the trampoline, helping them with English, and having conversations with the older girls in the library.

Not only did I fall in love with the girls at Casa Hogar, I was totally enamored with Arequipa. The city is warm, light, and bright, with good food and friendly people, not too many tourists, and the center is a very relaxing place to chill out after spending the day with the girls. My room at Honey House was huge, like an apartment, and I had tons of room to cook, dance, and lounge.

I strongly suggest that you stay at least 3-4 weeks to get to know all the girls and have enough time to plan and implement any projects or workshops you want to do; that you truly love children; that you speak good Spanish; and that you wear bug spray to the park, because those little brown flies will eat you up!

Last but not least, the staff are superb. Megan, Sarah, and Marita go above and beyond to make sure you are safe, happy, and taken care of. They are genuinely kind and caring and helped me with my every need.

I would do this project again in a heartbeat and hope to return next year!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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