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My wife Nora and I decided during our year abroad in New Zealand to spend our last month in Bali and to teach English at Yayasan Wide Sari because we wanted to do something meaningful instead of just have holidays. This decision was one of our best in our whole life. We knew it would be a challenge for us because we never taught children and our mother tongue is not English but during our stay we found out that this is less important. Yayasan Widya Sari is a learning center in the village for the children not only to improve their english skills but also to offer a safe environment to spend their time in the afternoon. It is motivating to see what Ketut the founder and his lovely staff created and how much it helps the children and as well the whole community in the village. Everybody is smiling all the time and it is just heartwarming and makes you smile as well even when you had a bad day. Without the dedication of the locals and the international volunteers something like this would not be there. We got to know so many special people from around the world who had the same motivation like we had. Unforgettable is the fun and laughter and serious discussions we had at boo boo house and during our trips on the weekend. We will never forget this place and the people and their dedication to help and to do something meaningful. Thank you for being a part of it.
If you want to read more of our experience at Yayasan Wide Sari have a look at our travel blog www.noraleif.wordpress.com. The posts of Bali are for now just in German but you can use the google translate widget when you scroll down to the bottom of the homepage.

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