Impact: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I was there for 2 weeks, which is the minimum and definitely not enough. I wish i found about this program earlier and had the luxury of time so i can spend longer there. When you opt for this, you need to keep in mind that volunteering work is the priority and the travelling is second, with this mindset, it changes the expectation. But definitely a program i recommend to all.

I like how particularly this program - the sea program, allows you to experience the way of life by the sea and how raw and close you'll be to the villagers / kids / people there and it gives a totally different side of Bali that you won't experience on your own. From the day you arrive to the day you leave, you will feel welcome and part of the family. It reminds you to enjoy the simple pleasure in life and to count your blessings. The founder, the staff and the kids will make you feel part of something important.

When you arrive, they will assign your bed and also your class. I was given the 6-9 year old age range which is the youngest and i feel the hardest to keep their attention. But be patient and keep the class fun, you have to bear in mind as well that they have class in the mornings and the afternoon class is the additional class they opt to come, so it has to be fun for them and more of skills which are not taught in classroom style. You will not be given an outline or any reference to what to teach, but recommend the first few days to see from your co-teacher / translator how they teach and you can see the kid's competency. It also help to speak to the the kids what did they learn in the morning in the public school, so you have a rough idea of their capabilities.

The class on its own will be approx 3hours (max) but it is up to you on how you make use of the other time fruitfully. Initially i thought since i have so much free time, i would be able to do other things and time will past by very slowly, but 2 weeks past with a blink of an eye. You can do yoga, exercise, walk by the beach, go out fishing in the morning, star-gazing at night, arrange for hike to Mount Batur on the weekday, play volleyball, learn how to cook, learn Bahasa or the Balinese language and if you want to do something meaningful, teach the kids how to swim, speak to the villagers, think of a conservation idea / teaching kids about waste management system / the villagers and fisherman on the repercussions of waste. It is really up to you on how you spend your free time, so use it well.

Also, the most memorable of things - Yaya and the other dogs. Initially i was quite scared of it and was worried I can't sleep. But now i miss them, they make you feel safe as they follow you everywhere. I got used to it after a few days and seeing them makes me feel safe.

On the weekend, there are no classes so take that time to explore the village around it, Lovina, Gili, Amet, Ubud, Nusa Penida, etc. I can't repeat enough how amazing this program is. When i left, my heart is full, i was given fresh eyes and also to count my blessings. If you're planning on this, you made the right choice :)

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