Africa Semester aka Life Changing

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

Before coming on this program I had done an MEI trip once before. I knew the daily routine but this trip involved new students, teachers, and of course a new location. I was a little nervous at first, but immediately the staff had us at ease as we sat down and started joking and prospecting about the next 50 days. Friendships were formed almost instantly, and we all settled in relatively effortlessly. We travelled to different places on excursions. The Pare Mountains, a service project to a classroom in Kirua, Safari! and even an overnight adventure to some incredible 'hot springs'.
Personally this trip alleviated a lot of pressures that I had placed on myself at home, and let me tell you, I have never felt happier or more care free than on this trip. I made friends that will definitely last a life time, and have made memories that I will never forget. I am prone to homesickness and whilst on this trip there was not a day that went by that I didn't feel so appreciative and happy to be in Tanzania with a group of people who I now consider another family.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed