Teaching in Daegu, South Korea

Benefits: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 8
Facilities: 8
Safety: 10

I have been teaching English in South Korea for almost 2 months now. The experience so far with the program has been great. I started by applying to EPIK through Kara at Greenheart Travel. She made the process easy and smooth, and always kept me in the loop. I would highly recommend working with Kara if applying to go to South Korea! Once I got to Korea, it was nice to have someone take me to the orientation sight as I was overwhelmed as soon as I landed. The EPIK orientation was a week of very long days, most of what I learned was very insightful. However, a lot did not actually apply to me once starting this job. I did however, make friends with other English teachers in Daegu, this was the most important aspect I took away from orientation. My experience is unique because I experienced culture shock in a much different way than the "norm". When I arrived I immediately regretted my decision, when I moved to my city I wished that I had chosen somewhere else, or a different country all together. Since then, I am starting to see the beauty of the culture, people, and country of Korea. I enjoy exploring and being here. What I would want future EPIK teachers to know is the reality of Korea. There is a lot of pollution, trash, and fine dust. I had this very romantic view of Korea and although its great here, it's not what I expected. That in mind, I'm glad I have the opportunity to be here and have already made lifelong friends and memories.

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