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Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

Hey Everyone. I’m relatively new to the IVHQ community. As a matter of fact, this is my first experience being abroad by myself. I’ve been in Jamaica for 4 weeks and have another 4 weeks left to go. Im working with the students at Boscobel Primary as part of the Sports Development Program. This experience has beyond exceeded any expectation I could have possibly hoped for. Going somewhere by myself with a program I came across on a google search was a significant stressor on the family, to say the very least. I was honestly pretty nervous to finally see what kind of situation I had gotten myself into, however, any shred of concern vanished after one conversation with the program director Jade Whyne. She was incredibly warm, welcoming and she cares about all the volunteer members like family. I know with absolute confidence that I can always count on the team here, Jade and Mark, for anything I need. There is always room for improvement in any project and it takes quite a bit of effort, resources, and experience to wrinkle out all the “kinks” in any developing organization. The team here is more than receptive to new ideas and any suggestions we have on how to help the program better thrive. Furthermore, despite tireless efforts, there are sometimes factors beyond anyone’s control. Anyways as I did recognize, it may not always be perfect, but in all honesty I would say that it would be a disservice to deprive yourself of the opportunity to experience Jamaica firsthand for yourself. I understand with this being my first time volunteering with IVHQ, I may not know the comparative value of programs in different countries. However, what I absolutely do know is that I am grateful I never switched the location of my program. I love the primary school kids with all my heart and it is an honor to help make a difference in their lives. Jades determination to better the community is absolutely commendable. The children’s hearts are filled with love and the school needs more volunteers who are persistent on making a difference. Overall, this project needs more help not less. The foundation is strong and change will be positively correlated to the number of volunteers who choose Jamaica. If you are still hesitant then in the very least give Jade a call. Because of this experience, I look forward to volunteering with IVHQ in the future. I really hope you consider coming to Jamaica because I standby it as being one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The other volunteers I’ve met are more of a family to me than a coworker or friend. If you have any other questions or concerns feel feel free to ask. I’m grateful to Mark and Jade for everything they’ve done and continue to do. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to possibly volunteering with some of you in the future. One love

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