Greenheart Travel: EPIK Program

Benefits: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Facilities: 9
Safety: 9

I gave my overall experience a 9 because I don't have another program to compare it to, but overall it's been a really positive experience.

I went through EPIK (English Program in Korea) and it was definitely a time consuming application process. But with the help of my adviser, Kara, she helped alleviate the stress and guided me every step of the way. EPIK's application process is very long and specific. Your application will be delayed if something isn't filled out correctly, so accuracy is important. That's why I wanted to go through a recruiter. But what really stressed me out was gathering up the necessary documents needed for the application (passport photos, FBI background check, notarized/apostille diploma etc...). I couldn't imagine doing this by myself. There were so many questions I had. I emailed Kara back and forth about how to go about some things and she definitely clarified things for me--she made the process as easy as possible. What I really appreciated were the live seminars she held. These seminars went over how to fill out the application, how to gather your personal documents and anything else you wanted to go over. Also, if you couldn't make it, they were recorded so you'd be emailed the seminar. I thought this was great because I could go back whenever I needed to.

Fast forwarding to my acceptance:
Once I was accepted into the program Kara updated me as much as possible. She held another seminar before leaving the country which again, was helpful. Overall, I'm happy I went through Greenheart Travel. They definitely ensure that you are taken care of throughout the entire process!

*Note: There is a fee to go through this recruiter, but if you get TEFL certified through International TEFL Academy your fee will be waived (as of 2018).

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Now that I'm in Korea I found it best to have your 6166 form ready when you arrive to Korea. I found out this at the EPIK orientation. This is because this will make payroll easier and less of hassle in the long run. And for those that are barely filling out the form in Korea, it's about $25 to mail out the document. I suggest telling US residents to give this as much importance as their documents they're gathering.
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