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These 3 months were so incredible, it is hard to put into words. The greatest group of 16 young adults I have ever been surrounded with. From day one of orientation, I knew I was in the right place. Two fantastic, inspiring, and helpful leaders lead us through the craziest, scariest, most rewarding and exhausting times. Through sicknesses and new experiences, I never felt unsafe. We were educated before take off of the basic principles, but I quickly learned, there is only so much you can teach. I learned so much about myself and the world during these three months. Experiencing new cultures first hand by living with these families, emerged in all of the different cultures Asia has to offer. Words can't even describe my appreciation for these three months of my life, I would give so much to be back out there with those people. I faced some pretty interesting obstacles along the way, but never got completely lost, which could have been very easy to do out there. I recommend this trip to anyone from anywhere, any age, and any reason, as long as there is an open mind involved, this will undoubtably be a trip of a life time with a great program running it.

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