Life on a Strip of Land in the Middle of the Ocean

Benefits: 7
Support: 10
Fun: 6
Facilities: 3
Safety: 10

After graduating from Teachers College in Canada, I decided that I wanted to go overseas and expose myself to an entirely new way of life. I had previously taught and lived in other countries, but nothing as unique and remote as the Marshall Islands. I wanted to see how far my teaching skills would go, and how much I could learn in return. So in 2014 I set off with my boyfriend at the time to Majuro where I had a month of orientation with the other volunteers. It was an amazing experience and a good transition period for the volunteers to build a support system and a knowledge base of the cultural differences and way of life yet to come. We had an amazing Field Director Todd Mulroy and other World Teach Staff that provided so much support and great communication. After orientation we were all sent to the outer islands on either a small plane or a supply ship. I was sent to Namdrik Atoll which was no bigger than 2 square miles. We were surrounded by ocean on all sides and the islanders were so welcoming. Life there was extremely tough and isolated with few teaching resources but extremely rewarding. Namdrik had no internet or phones and the only communication was a radio to the main island. Mail was received sparsely by the small plane that landed occasionally. We ate mostly fish and coconuts and learned to live an ultra slow relaxed lifestyle where time had no relevance and priorities included sweeping up leaves or making copra. I could talk forever about this experience but given limited space I will just say that I highly recommend this program if you want to experience extreme conditions of cultural diversity and if you can handle limited communication with the rest of the world. The culture is entirely different from a North American one, but I promise it will change your life and the way you view poverty and education forever. - Rebekah Osio Vanden

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