A must for everyone who wants to learn how to surf!

Value: 5
Fun: 5
Staff: 5
Safety: 5
Organization: 5

When i first arrived in Australia back in 2016, Australian Surf Tours was my first stop on my travels throughout the country. And propably the best so far.

When I first came around I didn't know anything about surfing. The coaches taught me from step one, and within 1 week I was busy practicing turning on waves. The coaches are very patient and helpfull, and without them I wouldn't be able to surf the way I am today.

Another huge plus is the accomodation. You spend your time out of the water in a surfhouse literally 5 minutes from the beach, and during the nights you can hang out with all your surfbuddies in the lounge and possibly have a feed together in the huge kitchen.

All in all, I stayed for about 2 months, and I wouldnt have missed it for the world!

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