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When I left for the airport on a rainy Detroit day, I had only hope and excitement for what was to come. Having just completed my freshman year and never traveled overseas, I had so much to learn. What would it be like going to a country where I knew absolutely nothing and nobody? Although it was slightly terrifying, it is also precisely why I chose to go to Prague. When it comes to study abroad, I highly recommend going out of your comfort zone. I can honestly say I learned so much not just about a new culture but about myself. I have been left with memories I will carry with me forever. If you've ever talked to someone about their experience studying abroad, I'm sure they've shared similar sentiments with you. What other programs don't have is the USAC Prague team. The people that run the program were another highlight of the trip. They gave tours around the city, showing us the best beer gardens and overlooks along the way (The Letna beer garden is a must *pictured below). They had stories of the recent Velvet Revolution and history that they happily shared. The program itself was a huge part of what made the trip so great. I looked through the classes I would be taking while there. A language course and an architectural history course. I knew I wanted to immerse myself in the culture, or at least know how to order at a restaurant. Learning the ever intriguing and complex Czech language ended up being a huge attribute during my time there for both ordering at restaurants and connecting with locals. If you are looking to widen your knowledge on buildings, culture, or just plain life, do not hesitate. Go to Prague, maybe have a beer or two and enjoy the moment with new friends.

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