Málaga Experience

Academics: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 5
Safety: 5

EF Málaga is a perfect place to learn spanish and to make memories that you will never forget. The school is in a cozy neighbourhood where the people are friendly and you can find shops and restaurants very close by. One of the best things is of course the beach that is only five minutes away by foot, and there is always life by the beach.

The course is really good and you really learn a lot of the language in a short time. The progression is very noticeable and that is very motivating for me and that makes me work hard.

The social part of the program is of course very important, and you will make friends that you will never forget! There are also a lot of fun activities to do here, and I really recommend travelling around to nearby cities and places, there is so much to see!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would