Academic Year abroad with EF Málaga

Academics: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 5
Safety: 5

My experience in Màlaga was amazing. I learned a lot about life in general and, what is the most important, I learned a lot about myself what I did not know before. I improved my Spanish skills heaps and I enjoyed living in Màlaga so much, that I really do not want to go! My host mother treated me like really being part of the family and she made me feel so good. She helped me so much with everything, she showed me so much about myself and I know that she will continue being there when I need someone to talk to. I know that whenever I have the feeling that I need to talk to her, I just have to call her. She gave me an incredible feeling that made me feel so good. I am so happy I had this great opportunity to travel to Spain, to learn how is life over here, to get to know more about the different cultures, the different languages, about the different ways to live. To learn more about how to be happy and about how to be really "alive"! Málaga showed me that life definitely is a great gift, an opportunity that we have to take. Málaga remembered me that, YES, it definitely is possible to be happy. It definitely is possible to enjoy life and I was remembered, with every single sunstroke, how it feels beeing alive. I really do not have the right words to express my feelings connected with Málaga, because for me it is something really special. For me it is more than simply The Sunny Coast, for me it was my way to find back to myself again. So that´s why I am staying :-). During my great experience here I did everything possible to find a way to stay longer and finally I found a Job as Au-Pair, so I can stay a bit longer, what really makes me happy. I love being here. I love the life over here and I know for sure that I will return. I will come back or expressed with better words - I never will leave totally, because a part of my heart will stay here for ever.
Thank you, for everything. I really appreciate what you did for me - Màlaga.


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I think i made a mistake with the date of birth it is the 08.12.1996. And I DO want to take part in the contest.