International TEFL Academy: Live your Dream

Benefits: 10
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Facilities: 10
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When I graduated from college, I was looking for opportunities to travel, live abroad extensively and to make a global impact. This is when I first considered a career in TEFL. Upon doing my research, I discovered International TEFL Academy (ITA).

At first, I was a bit unsure. This company seemed to good to be true at first. It was only when I got an ITA representative on the phone that I realized I had come to the right place to be TEFL certified. From the start, International TEFL Academy was so supportive and willing to answer any questions I had. When asking about the online course schedule, I found that they were flexible and willing to work with my busy class schedule.

As my class was online, I found myself poring over the ITA website to learn more. I was inspired by the words of other alumni on their website. There was nothing better than to read about others with the same dream as mine who had gone on to make a difference in the world and to take a daring leap into new adventures and cultures. I remember thinking to myself, "This will be me." There was simply no question at this point: I had come to the right place. ITA was the perfect place to find a network of like-minded individuals to support me on my new journey and lifelong career support.

After taking the ITA online class in 2014, I arrived in France in the Rhone-Alps to teach English. I had countless teaching strategies under my belt and was ready to put them into practice. After I began teaching, I joined the ITA alumni France group to pose specific questions about life and teaching ESL in France. It felt good to have support and a network to connect with to share my trials and tribulations.

The rest is history.

After teaching in France, I moved to South Korea and taught for 2 years (2015-2017). I am now living in Suzhou, China and wouldn't change my life for the world! ITA has opened windows of opportunity in my life. I have been able to explore the world, while sharing my love of language. In every stage of my career as a TEFL instructor, International TEFL Academy has been there to support me and to help me grow.

In a way, ITA changed my life and has changed my perception of the world. The more I travel and learn, the more open-minded and understanding I have become. I have learned to give more, to listen more and to never lose my sense of curiosity.

As an ESL instructor, I create windows of opportunity for my students. I create a bridge between cultures and empower students to confidently express themselves. My favorite memories are those moments of impact, when I am able to see how learning English truly makes an impact on the lives of my students. There are simply no words to express the joy of a student finding their voice in English or finding a student's joy of learning rekindled in the classroom.

My tip to those considering ESL is to take the leap! If you have a passion for teaching and traveling, ESL may be perfect for you. Above all, I highly advise anyone looking to teach ESL to enroll in a class with ITA and to take full advantage of the resources and alumni network within ITA. I promise you will not be disappointed!

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