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Academics: 2
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 5
Safety: 5

I loved my experience in Cuba! From the start, IFSA is incredible. They process all the visa paperwork, etc. And, they prepare you with weekly newsletters with great reading materials etc. Once you are there, you live with a host-family (all incredible people!). I loved my host-mom, with her constant music and delicious congrí. IFSA will also put at least one other US student with you in the home-stay. For me, it was really nice to meet someone else from a different school in the US who was interested in the same things I was and who was always there to process what we were seeing and learning on the ground in Cuba! Then, there are the classes at the University. While they are definitely not the most academically rigorous, it is an interesting peek into another university system. There is one core-course that the study-abroad students that semester are required to take. It is a little bit disorganized, and not very academically rigorous either. It is the only major draw-back of the program. But, IFSA supplements the classes with an very cool series of lectures based on what you and the other students that semester are interested in. There are also some really fun excursions to Viñales, Santiago, and the countryside. And, you are really free to explore the city and the country on your own. Overally, traveling to Cuba is a really unique experience and IFSA is an amazing support system! I definitely would recommend this program

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