On the Mark leaves a mark

Benefits: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Facilities: 7
Safety: 10

When you think of an agency abroad, you ponder if they are going to be the right fit for you. You pack all your luggage and put all your trust into an individual that you don't know but, hope for the best. I can honestly say that I did this with On the Mark. In 2016, I started a new journey and put all my faith into Mark. Given that this was my fourth career path, it was comforting knowing that there was a person that I could reach out to.

With no regrets and an adventure that continues, I know that they are more than just a placement team but, yet a guide that is there whenever you need them. They offer you a light through a dark tunnel that can provide uncertainty. They go above and beyond the scope of a placement agency and instead provide you with heartfelt encouragement and words of wisdom that brings you comfort. They aren't just a company that places you but, instead a welcoming blanket that stays with you, making every place feel like home. I refer them to anyone that wants to teach abroad because with out any doubt, I know they will be taken care of with the help of On the Mark.

Though, I have never met them in person, I can honestly say we are friends from a distance. Friends that keep in touch regularly about our journeys and are always there to inspire you to do more and enjoy life with all that it brings. Overall, what started as me trusting an agency in 2016 has now led to a friend, a travel guru, and a teacher.

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