Teach English in Thailand - Adventure is Out There
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Teach English in Thailand - Adventure is Out There

On the Mark Education is looking for new and experienced teachers who are interested in teaching at kindergartens, primary and high schools throughout Thailand.

We focus on using a communicative approach to create a fun and stimulating learning program that instills a sense of confidence and creativity in our students. Internally developed curriculum and access to extensive materials ensure that both our students and teachers have everything they require to build the ideal educational environment.

Teachers will usually remain on school grounds for the duration of the working day which runs from 7:45am to 4:30pm from Monday to Friday with 20-24 teaching hours / week.

Our school semester starts in May and Nov each year.

  • Short contract
  • In city center
  • Weekend off
  • High salary
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Asia » Thailand
3-6 Months
6-12 Months
Salary / Benefits
Package for a 4 month contract:
- 30,000 to 34,000 Baht monthly salary
- 3,000 Baht housing allowance
- 2,000 Baht visa fee reimbursement
- Hotel accommodation provided during the 3 day orientation / training course in Bangkok
- 5,000 Baht contract renewal bonus
- Free accident Insurance
- Full coverage of Work Permit / Teacher’s License fee
- At least 1,000 Baht on monthly salary raise for signing the 2nd term contract

Package for a 10 month contract:
- 33,000 – 35,000 Baht monthly salary
- Help finding a suitable accommodation near your school
- 20,000 baht contract completion bonus
- Health insurance
- Airport pick-up
- Transport to school
- Paid training in Bangkok (800 Baht allowance is provided)
- Work permit and visa processed and paid for on receipt of clean Non-B visa
- Full support
- Teaching materials provided
- 1,000 Baht on monthly salary raise for signing the 2nd term contract
Bachelor's degree
Classroom Audience
High School
Middle School
Age Min.
Age Max

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Muay (My) Thai Adventure

On the Mark Recruitment is so fantastic! They found this amazing 4 month teaching experience in Thailand. They were so helpful and replied to emails instantly throughout the process.

It was such a wonderful experience from playing with powder at an English camp, to being a bridesmaid at a traditional Thai wedding, to getting to know my students, it was all such an amazing experience, i am so glad I got to be apart of it!

Thailand is a wonderful country! Thai people are very friendly and helpful! I definitely recommend teaching in Thailand!

Yes, I recommend

Excellent and easy placement

On the Mark helped me and my husband to find jobs in Thailand, it was quick easy and no hassles. We had a special request to be placed at the same school and that is what we got.
They are quick to respond and they answered all our questions. Their staff is friendly and helpful.
I would definitely recommend them if you are looking to teach abroad. They did not charge anything to place us.
We are looking at teaching in china and we will use On the Mark again for our application process, because we know we will be placed at good quality schools.

Yes, I recommend
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Spectacular program

I searched online and found On the Mark offers a 4 month contract in Thailand which I love as it is my first time teaching overseas and I feel Thailand is a soft ground for me to begin with and a 4 month contract should be enough for me. On the Mark helped all the way until the contract is finished and the support they gave me was amazing. The orientation course was very helpful and while taking the course, the hotel was paid for which was a very nice offer. I met so many friends during the course and we took care of each other when we were sent to our school. The area I taught was small and I love it. I don't like being in a touristy place so I got to really enjoy the city and I got to travel for a bit. Overall, I really enjoyed teaching in Thailand and I am grateful for the support On the Mark provided.

Yes, I recommend
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I'm sure you're hoping to read some titillating but let me tell you now, this won't be that kind of read. I'm a simple person and simple things please me. I'm overjoyed to find mango and sticky rice with coconut milk for one American dollar. Something I would order as a very special treat at a local Thai restaurant in California for about nine American dollars. The cost of living in Thailand makes one feel very fortunate and comfortable. Boring and simple, but true and realistic to be concerned about making one's ends meet right?

I'm a teacher by nature, but I'm not "teacher-y." Let me explain; I have taught, can teach, will go on teaching, but its not my "gift" so to speak. I'm in for the "ah-ha" moments. I love when I can get a message, a lesson, a piece of advice across to someone. Their face lights up and a whole new perspective has been experienced and there's understanding and the excitement to share it with others. I love that. And its even more rewarding when there's a huge language barrier. Just yesterday I was telling my twelve year old kids why the word "year" has to include an 's' when answering the question, "How old are you?" They have a hard time pronouncing the letter 's' anyway, so they don't hear it in everyday conversations, but they know its around. Anyway, I showed, drew, explained, mimed; I did everything I could to convey why and they got it. We were all excited. One could feel in the moment of silence the understanding, then the students "oooohh." Simple, yet so cool.

Thailand is incredible. So many open and friendly people. I'm pretty independent but I appreciate all that this company has done. I was able to concentrate on the reasons I'm here while they placed me in the school, found a nice apartment two blocks away from the school, market place with everything necessary also just blocks away, an inexpensive train ride into the city, a good salary w/bank account, work visa, etc. I've only been here three weeks and I already have good friends, merchants whom I enjoy shopping from, who know my name and vice versa, and I have my favorite coffee shop. So simple, but so necessary, especially the coffee.

Four months will fly by and I'm already looking ahead to where Go Overseas can send me next. I trust them to make another idea a reality.

Yes, I recommend

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