Take Risks, Expand, Grow

Academics: 8
Support: 8
Fun: 9
Housing: 9
Safety: 9

This program is absolutely amazing! I had the privilege of staying with a host family, which made my experience a lot better. My favorite memory would be sitting at the dinner table and eating with my host family and their friends. It allowed me to learn a lot about the culture in the Netherlands and to share my culture with them as well. Future participants should know that Amsterdam has a lot to do and they should take advantage of it. Go out and explore, there is so much to see! However, be careful not to overwhelm yourself, remember that studies are important too. I arrived back from the program not too long ago but I know that my life post-program will be affected in a positive way. I feel more open to change and experiences and that helps me grow as a person. I would advise keeping a journal. I did not do it but I wish I had. I would also advise keeping a budget for expenses. Separate your budget by categories: daily expenses, travel, shopping, etc. It will help you be aware of what you have and what you can spend. Most of all enjoy the experience to the fullest! It is a once in a lifetime experience

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Yes, I would
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