IVHQ Greece - Worthwhile activities, caring organizers and a magnificient location

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I had the chance to volunteer for IVHQ in Chios, Greece. My recommendation for this organization comes directly from one week of cheerful and meaningful experience.

Before I embarked on this trip, I had never heard of IVHQ before; I was nervous and did not know which direction whether the trip was heading toward. But my initial anxiety soon turned out to be a springboard for the excitement to come.

There are three important aspects one might want to consider when signing up for a volunteer program: The main mission, the people behind it, and the place where your trip takes place. I can definitely tell you that excellence can be found within all three factors of the trip IVHQ offers in Chios.

The very goal of volunteering was, for me, achieved! In one week, I managed to create a public art for a local kindergarten. It was celebrated by the children and their parents alike. This project has deeply satisfied me and has given me new ideas for public artworks in the future. And just in case you thought that public art was a part of the program, it was not! I proposed it later, and it was gladly accepted. IVHQ's volunteer trip really caught me by surprise with the flexibility in what you could contribute to the community. If you think your passion and talents can add something unique to the program, please feel free to share your thoughts with the organizers!

Speaking of which, the organizers from IVHQ Greece are very outgoing and helping. Markos and Maria are the organizers for IVHQ. Being native Greek, they will help you get used to the culture and traditions of the land and show you how to get around. In their free time, both are open for the invitation for a drink. I'm proud to say that I now know two lovely friends from Greece!

Finally, the volunteer trip was held on a beautiful Mediterranean island. Having wandered around Chios in my free time (just in case you don't know, free time is also abundant!), I can say that this island has something to offer to anyone: from the historical medieval villages, the festive town of Chios, to the breath-taking beaches to the grandiose hills on which beautiful sunset can be seen from miles away.

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