The start of something wonderful

Instruction: 5
Support: 5
Value: 5
Academic Rigor: 3
Job Assistance: 5

Last year I decided to leave everything behind and take off to Latin America to teach English, study Spanish, and explore. Thanks to the support provided by TEFL Heaven and the organizations it connected me with this proved to be one of the best decisions of my life. In Costa Rica, I was was able to complete my course with the dynamic and fun Audra Wooldridge while meeting other cool folks with similar intentions. After my program neared it's finish, Audra helped me find a paid job in Antigua, Guatemala where I spent the next 7 months of my life.

As a teacher in the US, I was used to long hours, high stress levels, disinterested students, and little pay or opportunity for a life outside of work. I found an awesome community of TEFL teachers who helped me to improve my practice and reduce my workload so that I could continue to study and travel and enjoy my time abroad. My students were incredibly grateful and my coworkers were fun both in and outside of the institute. We had a blast / living together, partying together, and traveling together. This opportunity has been life changing and super rewarding on so many levels as I've learned so much about myself and the world.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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