Academics: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

As a student who was unable to originally go to a 4 year university because I couldn't really afford it, I decided to go to a local community college where I would work and pay for school. Since I didn't originally go to a four year university, I thought I would never be able to complete a dream of mine and study abroad. Last minute last year, my best friend told me about Barcelona , and how I would fall in love with the city, and I should try and study abroad there. With no prior knowledge of this city, I trusted my best friend, found a program and applied. I was able to get my funds in line and I'm beyond blessed to have spent a semester in what I believe to be the greatest city in the world. Through out my semester I traveled all over Europe/ Africa to other beautiful city's , but after each short trip, o was itching to go back!! Barcelona has such rich culture, with strong family bonds, extremely nice people, and really cool traditions I never even new about! I loved getting to learn all about Festival and Sant Jordi! Also everywhere you look in Barcelona is a perfect opportunity for a photo! The streets are filled with unbelievable architecture, and art on every corner! From amazing food to amazing night life , to almost perfect weather all year round, Barcelona is the perfect Mediterranean city to experience in college, in an amazing Country that is completely underrated. While living in Barcelona, I did drink from the Font de Canaletes on Las Ramblas, so I'm completely in love with the city, I can't wait return time to time and hopefully maybe even get the chance to live there again!

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Yes, I would
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