IVHQ Córdoba, Argentina Review

Impact: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I went through IVHQ to Córdoba, Argentina for 3 weeks, from May 14th, 2018, to June 3, 2018. I'm 19 years old, was born and raised in Houston, and go to school in Chicago, Illinois. This was my first volunteer abroad trip, and I went during my summer break I had never been outside of the country before, and I'm so glad I did!! In this program, you stay in a volunteer house with a host who's native Argentinian, and are served two meals a day by the host. My host, José, was an awesome host-so lively and fun to be around, he always made sure that the volunteers were comfortable, and an amazing chef! We also had Spanish lessons every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for about $80 pesos a week-really affordable. On Tuesdays, we had professional Zumba instructors come in and we did Zumba for about an hour! For my project, I did teaching, which was helping elementary and middle school kids with their math and Spanish homework at a tutoring center. I had it Monday-Friday, for about 4 hours a day, and had it in Villa Allende and Saldan. Villa Allende is about 15 minutes by bus (their public transportation) and the school in Saldan was 5 mins walking from the volunteer house. Bus trips are between 25-38 pesos. None of the students or teachers knew any English, so my Spanish skills were put to the test! The school was welcoming, and the students were eager to learn! It was a lot of fun to help them, and a cool cultural-exchange. The other volunteers were really sweet and fun to be around, and we hung out a lot in the house, and even went on a trip to Buenos Aires one weekend! I would recommend IVHQ to anyone who is interested in volunteering abroad.

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