Good Introduction for Traveling Abroad

Growth: 8
Support: 9
Fun: 8
Housing: 5
Safety: 9

The workplace that CISabroad matched me with was amazing, though my other intern friends had bad matchups and had trouble switching out. CISabroad’s Maria did an amazing job transitioning us to living in Sydney and gave us great tips on shortcuts, transportation, places to eat, etc. I feel that the program did a great job preparing us for departure and whatnot. I also loved that we were required to fill out a Weekly Learning Plan after each week of work, as this helps a lot with resume-writing after the experience. The cons that I have are that the program requests us to complete paperwork on short notice; my workplace also had the same complaint on their end. A breakdown of the fees would be nice. Also, the $500 security deposit we were supposed to receive from our housing at the end has become unheard of, and none of us have gotten that money back yet. This program is good if you want to live abroad and need a lot of guidance. However, if you feel you can do everything on your own, better to do so without a program and save money.

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