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I obtained my TEFL certification at Via Lingua in Florence, Italy. It was one of the best things I’ve done for myself in two years. I knew I wanted to teach English, and I chose Via Lingua because it offers the opportunity to practice-teach real Italian students (and because I love Italy).

I was one of three students taking the course, so we got to know each other and the teachers very well. The course itself was challenging, but the teachers were always eager to answer our questions and help us look towards our futures as teachers. Because the three of us students became so close, we often studied together over gelato and always helped each other understand tricky course material. We had fun doing our group projects—some of them barely felt like homework.

Via Lingua provided me with everything I needed to start my career as an English teacher. I believe the quality of the teachers and the institution is among the highest the International TEFL Academy has to offer (not to mention the incredible location—central Florence, just 5 minutes from the Duomo). I would recommend the course to anyone interested in becoming TEFL certified (and in fact, I already have to several friends).

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