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Teaching Practicum
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ITA offers a variety of TEFL course options for teaching English in Italy:
- 4-week In-Person TEFL Course in Florence, Italy - $1,465
- 4-week In-Person TEFL Course in Rome, Italy - $2,015
- 4-week In-Person TEFL Course in Sardinia, Italy - $1,525
- 11-week part-time 170-Hour Online TEFL Course - $1499

What's Included (Extra)

✔️ University-level instructors
✔️ Award-winning accredited TEFL courses
✔️ Personalized pre-enrollment guidance
✔️ All courses include live practice teaching

Oct 27, 2023
Jun 10, 2018
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About Program

Earn your accredited TEFL certification with International TEFL Academy (ITA) for teaching English in Italy and 80+ countries worldwide.

As one of the top destinations for world travelers and a major center of European commerce, Italy represents one of the top countries for teaching English in Europe. English teachers typically need a BA & a TEFL certification to teach in Italy.

Teaching in Italy is one of the best ways to live abroad, build your resume, learn a new language, and explore one of the most exciting countries in Europe. Major cities for English teaching in Italy include cities like Rome, Naples, Milan, and Turin.

ITA offers TEFL classes in Italy (Rome, Florence & Sardinia), Online, and in 20 locations worldwide. We've helped more than 40,000 people get TEFL certified & experience the world. Join the movement, make a difference, and earn some money along the way!

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Why is International TEFL Academy the Right Choice?

  • One-on-One Pre-Enrollment Guidance: What TEFL class is best for teaching English in Italy? Is Italy the right country choice for me? How much money do I need to bring with me to Italy & what kind of visa do I need? Your personal ITA Advisor will help you navigate these questions about TEFL certification & teaching English abroad in Italy, including detailed information about English teaching jobs in popular cities like Rome, Florence, and Milan.
  • Professional Level TEFL Certification Courses: We offer accredited TEFL certification courses online (11 weeks online) and in-person (4 weeks) in 25 locations worldwide, including Rome and Florence. Every ITA TEFL class exceeds international professional standards for instructor qualifications, accredited curriculum, and student teaching hours.
  • We Have Been in YOUR shoes: Everyone on the ITA staff has extensive international experience. Travel is in our blood. It’s our passion to help people realize how realistic this dream of living & working abroad can be. We all appreciate the challenges & rewards of living, traveling, and working abroad.
  • One-on-One Job Search Guidance for Teaching English in Italy: How do I actually find a teaching job in Italy? Once enrolled in any ITA TEFL class, you’ll work with our team of expert Student Affairs advisors to help you prepare for your job search in Italy. Enjoy access to the most comprehensive job resources & guidance on the planet to help you navigate international job markets across Italy, Europe and in 80 countries worldwide.
  • Access to ITA Worldwide Alumni Network: Don’t know anyone in Italy? No problem! Italy is one of the most popular countries for ITA graduates teaching English abroad. As an ITA alumni you have exclusive opportunities to network, connect, and correspond with our 20,000 ITA alumni teaching English across the globe. This is a great way to meet friends before you get to Italy & get all of your questions answered by current ITA alumni on the ground abroad in Europe!

How Do I Get Started?

Contact International TEFL Academy for your starter brochure or call us directly at 773-634-9900 & start working with your personal Admission Advisors. Your advisor will work with you one-on-one to answer your all of your questions, go over your options & set up your game plan to see the world. Your advisor will be happy to speak with you as many times as you need to go over job markets, hiring requirements, TEFL course options & much more.

Your journey begins now so let’s get in touch & let’s get started!

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4.40 Rating
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  • 4 rating 20%
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  • Instruction 5
  • Support 4.8
  • Value 4.4
  • Academic Rigor 4
  • Job Assistance 4
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Yes, I recommend this program

One of the Best Experiences of My Life

I obtained my TEFL certification at Via Lingua in Florence, Italy. It was one of the best things I’ve done for myself in two years. I knew I wanted to teach English, and I chose Via Lingua because it offers the opportunity to practice-teach real Italian students (and because I love Italy).

I was one of three students taking the course, so we got to know each other and the teachers very well. The course itself was challenging, but the teachers were always eager to answer our questions and help us look towards our futures as teachers. Because the three of us students became so close, we often studied together over gelato and always helped each other understand tricky course material. We had fun doing our group projects—some of them barely felt like homework.

Via Lingua provided me with everything I needed to start my career as an English teacher. I believe the quality of the teachers and the institution is among the highest the International TEFL Academy has to offer (not to mention the incredible location—central Florence, just 5 minutes from the Duomo). I would recommend the course to anyone interested in becoming TEFL certified (and in fact, I already have to several friends).

What would you improve about this program?
No suggestions.
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Volunteering in South Africa
Yes, I recommend this program


Receiving my TEFL certification has opened many doors for me in the world of teaching as well as becoming an entrepreneur in the expatriate world. My time during the TEFL program was challenging but also very rewarding. It gave me the exact tools needed to feel confident to teach abroad.

After graduating from the TEFL program, I continued to travel for a few months and then one week before my flight home, I canceled my return trip and decided to stay in Germany. I wasn't ready to end this amazing experience. However, after traveling for another four months, I was faced with that very scary question of 'NOW WHAT?'. I was in Germany with no place to live and not one single job lined up. This was when I really sat down and turned my daydream plans into a reality! I started my own language academy for private teaching called Speakeasy Language Academy. We assist and promote teachers to legally and professionally teach privately around the world. A few years later, my partner and I started a second company called Expat Launcher that offers full-service assistance to expats looking to move to Germany. We are truly their one-stop shop for all things abroad. We assist with services like apartment search, registering, health insurance, and visa process just to name a few.

I truly believe that if I didn't take the TEFL program, my life would have still had one amazing year of traveling the world, but I would have gone back to the states and continued in the corporate world. This would be a dream for most, but I wanted something completely different. I have been very fortunate to live, teach and work aboard for the past 4 years. The best part is that we get to help others that want to do the same.

A few things that have impacted my life would be teaching young learners. It is amazing to watch their eyes light up when they understand something you've taught them. It is a very special gift and something that I hold dear to my heart. Also, my travel adventures have made me grow as a person. In the past year alone, I've had the pleasure of 18 trips to 2 different continents, 5 new countries, and roughly over 100 cities, towns and villages that I've thoroughly explored.

Some of my favorite moments since receiving my TEFL would include traveling around Egypt for 5 weeks, scuba diving in the red sea and taking a sailboat along the Nile for 4 days. Another amazing journey was volunteering in South Africa, where I got to hold and bottle feed lion cubs and watch them as they went from drinking milk to eating meat. I walked side-by-side with elephants and lived with wild animals all around us.

My advice to anyone considering taking the TEFL program would be to do it! Opportunities will present themselves throughout your life and yet only a few people jump on them. Don't question yourself and do what makes you happy. You can always go home if teaching abroad isn't for you.

What would you improve about this program?
I think the program is great! Keep up the amazing work!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Via Lingua Firenze, Florence, Italy

My name is Kelsi Brooks, I am an Atlanta, Georgia native. The Via Lingua Firenze language school is an environment where English teachers can feel supported during their journey. Located in Florence, Italy, I was able to accomplish my goal of professional development and reaching a growing population of students: English Language Learners.

In the heart of Florence, I was free to explore the riches of art history, delight in the sabor of Italian cuisine, and bask in the summer heat with my new colleagues.


What would you improve about this program?
Provide more availability for courses, and include more lessons in the local language.
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Yes, I recommend this program

TEFL Course in Florence

I had a great time in Florence while taking my TEFL course. The teachers were great at teaching and they were helpful with all my questions. The group of students was small enough that we were able to all become friends which really helped make the experience that much better. Florence is a beautiful city and was the best place for taking my TEFL course. Because of the certification that I got I am not able to teach anywhere. I am currently in Thailand teaching at an all girls school. For students trying to decide whether or not to take this course I say do it. It opens the world up to you and because it is good for life you are able to leave and come back to it.

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Yes, I recommend this program

International TEFL Course Sardinia, Italy

The TEFL course in Sardinia, Italy with International TEFL Academy was by far one of the best experiences of my life. I learned so much and it fully prepared me for life as an ESL teacher in many ways. Not only did I learn the basics of teaching English, but I also learned about living abroad, communicating with foriegn students, and how to apply for jobs abroad. The support team in Sardinia was amazing, and I had a great time during the course. Not to mention, Sardinia is absolutely beautiful!

The course was a very unique experience, especially since it is based in Sardinia. Sardinia is one of the most beautiful places in Italy, and in my opionion, in the world. During the week we were hard at work, gaining in-person teaching experience and in-class training from qualified teachers. On the weekends, we were surfing, exploring beaches, and hiking to breath-taking castles. If you are even considering getting a TEFL certification, then this program is well worth the cost. It truly is a life-changing experience.

148 people found this review helpful.

Questions & Answers

No, not necessarily.

International TEFL Academy does not offer a job placement “guarantee” for students and alumni, but they do provide an amazing lifetime job search guidance. You will also have an ITA advisor that will assist you pre- and post graduation. All advisors are extremely knowledgeable and willing to help. I would recommend to reach out them directly to learn more about the specific eligibility...

Great question! The hiring process varies from school to school. For example, some language schools regardless of past teaching experience will require a 15 to 20-minute demonstration lesson, while others do not. If you are looking to work in the public school system, expect a more in-depth interview and recruitment process.

Hi Stephanie, some countries do require a degree for teaching abroad while others do not, totally depends on where you want to go. Here's an article detailing top teaching markets for those without a degree - https://www.internationalteflacademy.com/blog/bid/74176/no-…