Best Housing Arrangements Ever!!

Academics: 8
Support: 9
Fun: 8
Housing: 10
Safety: 8

Every summer my university offers an internship opportunity in Paris, but this was the first time my school used CEA to take care of students' logistics (e.g., housing, health insurance). Last year there were nine of us in total going to Paris (plus our professor who did not live with us!). Before coming to Paris we were told that most likely we would all be living in different parts of the city. However, CEA pulled some magic tricks and managed to place us all in two apartments in the same apartment building in one of the wealthiest areas of Paris. And not only this, but my apartment also had a view of the Eiffel Tower!!!! It was spacious for a Parisian apartment, and was nicely decorated. My classmates and I had everything we needed from an iron and washer to a pizza cutter and rice cooker. The CEA center also had additional appliances that we could request, like extra forks, fans, and even hair straighteners. We did have some problems with our shower, but the CEA staff was very responsive and sent someone to repair it the next day after we reported it. They had also told us that the apartment would come with no TV, but it did. This was great because we were able to get a small peak at what French television shows are like, but also because once a week all of my classmates and I would get together to make crepes and watch a movie afterwards. Overall, I really enjoy our housing arrangements. I loved sitting by my window feeling the night breeze and admiring the Eiffel Tower! It truly felt like home and allowed my classmates and I to bond and become like a family!

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Yes, I would
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