Life in Madrid, Spain

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Life in Madrid was better than any idea I had before going. I was engulfed in the language and culture and learned more than I ever expected. Athena Abroad made all the housing and travel very easy because at first Europe’s metro can be very confusing. But after sometime in the city and the country, you adapt to the rich culture they have to offer, it is easier to make friends and you learn a little bit more about yourself and what challenges you can overcome. The program director, who oversaw us in Madrid, Arturo, was an AMAZING guide to the city. He was so helpful and became a great friend along the way! When I returned from my three months in Spain, I was a changed person. The program and experience made me a stronger, more independent person. It also made very confident when speaking to others in Spanish. I think about Spain everyday and miss it so much. Once having an experience like this, you crave another. The travel bug is real my friends.

How can this program be improved?
Adding an option for lunch meals as well. But my household allowed us to buy groceries so it was not a big deal!
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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