My Online TEFL Certification Course

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Value: 10
Academic Rigor: 6
Job Assistance: 10

My experience with ITA was absolutely amazing! My advisor, Helen, was fantastic and made me feel very comfortable about my decision to go with ITA! She answered my questions thoroughly and didn't try and pressure me to sign up for a course, which is one of the things that first set ITA apart from the other programs I had been looking at. I talked on the phone with her for almost an hour about the online certification program and what services ITA offered their students and not once did I feel awkward or the intense desire to fake an emergency. It didn't feel like a sales pitch- it felt like an actual conversation and that was really important to me because it showed that ITA advisors had different motivations than the ones I talked to with places like CIEE.

The online course I took was fantastic and gave me the tools to succeed as an English teacher. I learned strategies for teaching different age groups, was warned about difficulties students could have when learning about things like synonyms, taught how to make a flawless lesson and activity plan, and offered suggestions on good classroom management styles. My instructor always made sure to give detailed feedback on my assignments and quickly responded to any questions I emailed her with. The lessons I learned, combined with my teaching practicum, helped me gain confidence in my abilities and assured me that getting TEFL certified was the right choice for me.

Even after the course was over though, I never felt like ITA just threw me out into the world with no idea of how to use my new certification. I was sent emails with links to Facebook groups ITA had set up so that I could connect with a community of people who were just like me, given instructions on how ITA would support me in my attempts to find a job, and informed about other services they offered to their students so that they could be sure to succeed.

The aid and encouragement that ITA has given me is amazing! The reason they are the best program out there is because they really care about their students and I guarantee that you won't regret taking this course for even a moment!

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