Intense Fun and Learning

Academics: 5
Support: 7
Fun: 7
Housing: 8
Safety: 7

I signed up for this study abroad program to fulfill my love of travel, learning and take relevant classes to my major (occupational therapy). As an avid traveler, I couldn't imagine my college experience without studying abroad, and I am glad I made the leap. CIS helped me work through all the paperwork that needed to be filled out and was quick to answer any questions I had prior to departure. During the program, there were constantly activities to do- at the school, with CIS or just in San Jose. Although there was homework, we still had time to explore our home away from home and get to know the area. The classes were interesting and relevant to my major- all of the classes were primarily with other American students but we were from all over the UA and studying with different programs at the same university. This allowed us to make friends with other students who weren't studying with CISabroad as well. Living in a host home was the most beneficial way to immerse ourselves in learning Spanish. My host mom didn't speak any English so whenever we were at home, we had conversations with her in Spanish. She was patient with us as we were learning and helped correct our grammar which improved my confidence in speaking Spanish. Overall, the experience was phenomenal and I am so glad I chose this program to fulfill my dream of studying abroad.

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