A gap year on Class Afloat

Academics: 8
Support: 8
Fun: 10
Housing: 9
Safety: 9

This past year has been incredible. There are no words to accurately describe nine months spent at sea, let alone in a short review. Just trust that every moment is breathtaking. From painstakingly beautiful sunsets to dolphin calls that offer a break from classes, I know that nothing will live up to my life out at sea. It is a year that takes away all your comforts and rips you from everything familiar. All this builds an environment where you live, truly live, in the rawness and authenticity of moments.
Class Aflaot allows you to travel, sail and learn all at once. You get the opportunity to delve into areas and places you would never have imagined yourself in. If you like sailing, go up to the bridge and ask questions. If you like galley, go down to the kitchen and offer help. If you're interested in any school subject, your teachers are right at hand, literally living with you, and are ready to answer any questions you have. Even the engineer is open to showing you around and teaching you what his or her job entails.
It's a massive year of growth and learning, but the strength you find in yourself and the community that becomes so tight-knit is beyond compare. This experience brings out the worst and best in you and those around you, so be ready to challenge yourself and find comfort in the discomfort.
If you want to read more about my year aboard the Gulden Leeuw, visit my blog https://andrewsfloats.blogspot.com

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