The Student Who Wasn't Ready But LOVED Every Moment.

Academics: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Housing: 8
Safety: 10

Reasons why I loved my experience with CISabroad:
1) The staff was really personal and kind.
-My advisor was Jackie Langdon and she made sure everything was great before arriving and personally introduced herself in person.
-All of the Onsite Staff made sure all of the students were safe, and mentally well. You can stop to talk with them at any time & If you want to get lunch together or need suggestions.
-Each student is also given a mentor.
2) A plethora of EVENTS INCLUDED!
I attended:
-Guided tours-Muesuems & Towns
-1-2 Catalan-Style Lunch/Dinners together
-Cooking Class
-Trips to Montserrat, Costa Brava, and Girona
3) ALWAYS Something to Do FOR FREE
-I was nervous because I didn't come with much money but CISabroad sent cultural activities for each week and many happened to be free.
-CISabroad helps you live like a local and that's something that you will always remember.

I will truly miss attending Barcelona SIS with CISabroad. Prior to this trip, I had never been out of United States, on a plane, or far from family and friends. I was nervous and excited because everything would be new territory, the staff ensured I would have an amazing time and answered any and all questions I had before arriving in Barcelona. The CISabroad staff made it very easy for me to be prepared and gave ample information and cultural sessions. Upon arriving in Barcelona the staff welcomed me and other students at the airport and instantly I felt like I belonged. The first week I became homesick but the staff, interns, and people in my program quickly made me aware of such an amazing experience I can have in a new place. I hope this helps someone!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed