Quality Education, Continued Support, and Great Resources

Instruction: 5
Support: 5
Value: 5
Academic Rigor: 3
Job Assistance: 5

I was pleased with my ITA experience pretty much from the get-go. I was shopping around a comparing other programs when I first spoke to my advisor over the phone. He spoke patiently with my girlfriend and I for quite awhile, answering questions both broad and oddly-specific as best he could. At the end of the call, he discussed next steps if we wanted to sign up and told us where to reach him. No sales pitch, no pressure. From there we completed the course after work and on weekends. It's definitely legitimate work and the certification is not simply handed to you, meaning that you genuinely learn along the way. The course covers everything from teaching philosophies, to how to run a class, to cultural norms, and so much more, so if you've never taught (like myself) don't worry. I found the course to be effective, thorough, and well worth the money. Especially with the huge alumni group and resources made available. Very shortly after completing our course, my girlfriend and I both got hired to teach english online to students in China and will be heading over seas in a few weeks to work in a school. I highly recommend this course. For the quality and the opportunities it will afford you.

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