The Opportunity of a Lifetime in Uganda

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

Getting the opportunity to volunteer through IVHQ in Uganda for 3 weeks was the absolute experience of a lifetime. I had taken out so much more than I had ever expected. Getting to work in the HIV awareness program, Monday through Friday I was so blessed to get to go from village to village educating people of what HIV is, how it is spread and providing support and counseling to the individuals who tested positive. On top of that we were able to test communities to let them know what their results were to take the necessary steps immediately after. When we were not volunteering we really had the opportunity to immerse ourself in the bright and loving Ugandan culture. We went to numerous soccer games, safaris, boda boda tours through the capital, white water rafting and sunset boat cruises on the Nile. Personally the most important and life changing part I experienced was the relationships I made. Living, volunteering, eating and exploring with the other volunteers for almost a month gave me some of my best friends. These are people that I still communicate with regularly now being home and are planning our next trip back to Uganda with IVHQ. The individuals at placement were some of the most loving and informational people I had ever met. The people that the volunteers and I had the strongest connections with was the staff. We were so blessed to have the most loving, caring and protective staff. From the full time security, cook, grounds keeper, drivers and activity coordinators, they were all exceptional. We truly got to create friendships with them and learn so much about the depths of Uganda and its people. Learning their stories and sharing ours creating such an open and devoting environment in our volunteer house. Volunteering with IVHQ in Uganda was the best decision I have ever made and am so grateful to now be able to call that place and people a new home away from home.

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