I can't even title this but: Amazing.

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Like pretty much everyone else, I really don't know how to start, because this has been one of the most amazing experiences ever. So I'll just go ahead and divide it.

Personal aspects: I'm from the Dominican Republic, so in College you don't usually move from your parents place. ( For an independence reference ). It was my first time moving to a different country, adapting to a new culture, managing my own budget and technically living by myself, I say technically because along the way you meet amazing people that are going through the same thing and create friends for a lifetime from a lot of different cultures. For me it was very easy to adapt, and Madrid is seriously one of the most "Livable" cities in the world in my opinion.

Fun, Travel, Going out: Whether you're there for 6 weeks or 6 months I'm sure you'll have the best time of your life, Traveling to other countries can get as cheap as €50 and to other cities in Spain for as low as €10. Madrid's nightlife is full of everything, from 7 floor clubs to tiny amazing tapas bars. Strolling through El Retiro Park, Shopping (Or window shopping) around Sol, Gran vía or Serrano were some of my favorite things to do.

Program Staff and Interviews: Since day 1, The intern Group was very responsible, committed to deadlines and always in contact with me. Once I was accepted Lalita got in touch and everything flowed accordingly. If you make your part as you should, they will too. Everything that was said to be offered by the program was done as promised and 24/7 contact was available no matter what,

Activities: Irene is the most charming person you'll meet in Spain, I swear! She made the most of the included activities and was super able to accommodate everyone's schedule. (By now you should be able to tell how picky I am)

Workplace: My Internship placement was amazing from the interview to the moment I left, I was very involved in the activities in my office and was able to produce content that has been published by the brands I was involved with. I learned so much about myself in the professional aspect and opened my eyes to a whole new world of the Makerting & PR areas that I hadn't had experience in. The work schedule in Madrid is always amazing, no matter what company you're working for, so don't be scared. I was just interviewed by this company, because from the moment I had my interview I was very pleased with their philosophy and work.

Housing: Just 4 days before my arrival I wasn't in full agreement with the conditions and Lalita and Irene managed to rearrange everything to meet my expectations, and I have to say they were surpassed. The apartment was big, in an amazing area and It had all we needed. I got to visit some of the other apartments where the interns usually stay and they were great too! (Seriously, Imagine living right at Puerta del Sol, amazing.)

Others: I would really recommend going in Spring or Fall because it's the best weather, Summers are VERY hot and winters get REALLY cold.

In general, I wouldn't recommend this program to someone who just wants to chill and party. The Intern Group provides you with high quality hands on internships that will help you grow professionally and personally in many aspects. For me a Latin American recent Uni Graduate, it was the best choice I made, and would do it a million times more. (If growing up was a choice, and I wouldn't need to go back to real life)

Talking about growing up, lets talk about life AFTER the internship:
I've been home for 3 weeks now and job offers have been way easier for me to find and get, I've had options to choose from, and my internship is always a highlight in my resumé.

I hope the choice you make changes your life and perspective as much as it did to me! International experience in 2018 is something super valued and opening your mind and soul to these things will sure be memories to tell for a lifetime.

How can this program be improved?
Nothing really, maybe during the interview process to be asked some more specific questions about cultural beliefs or requirements. But like I mentioned before, there was nothing that was unsolved for me.
Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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