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I was traveling with one of my friend when I met Gabriel, Lily and Hanne, in Monterrico. They informed me of the Monterrico adventure program which I found pretty interesting. You learn Spanish, volonteer and travel all in the same trip, how perfect is this? I participated in one of their english class and found it was nice to see that you can make a difference in those kids' learning. I was sitting in back of the class watching Lily and Hanne teach and I felt like going up there and teaching as well. The kids were so captivated it was lovely to see. Afterwards, they play games with the kids and I participated and had a lot of fun, the experience is rewarding not only for you but, for those kids too.
We met again in the hostal «Free Cerveza» during their adventure week and I basically jumped in and followed them all week. Everything is well organized, you always have something to do and if you feel like relaxing you may. We got to visit St Marcos and St Pedros which are small villages around the Lake Atitlan. We took a swim in the lake, did some Yoga. Everything was perfect. Then Gabriel offered me to live the Volcano Acatenango experience with them. He took care of everything for me, I had nothing to worry about. A 2 days tour leaving from Antigua. It wasn't the first time he was doing the trek so he told us exactly what to bring to be prepared.
I wasn't a part of the whole program but from what I accomplished and heard, I recommend the Monterrico Program for people who want to live a memorable and rewarding adventure. You get to meet tourists, be around locals and learn a lot about the country. One love Guatemala !!

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