Perfect Internship in Sevilla, Spain

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 9
Safety: 10

Adelante truly is a wonderful program from beginning to end! They were very prompt in responding to my initial interest and setting up a first phone call, followed by comprehensive guidance before my arrival in Spain. I told Adelante my field of interest and they found a perfect internship for me in Sevilla! The two weeks of Spanish class prior to the internship were also excellent; the school had wonderful professors and organized free, fun cultural excursions we could participate in after class. The Adelante staff was incredibly supportive and checked in with me regularly. The on-site people provided airport pickup, accompanied me to the first day of my internship, and organized a flamenco show excursion for all Adelante interns. They care a lot about each individual intern and were very helpful in resolving any questions or concerns promptly. The program is perfect for people who enjoy independence with accessible support when needed. I felt very comfortable in Sevilla and enjoyed the opportunity to shape the experience around my interests.

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Sometimes it felt like the on-site staff unintentionally caused stress within the host family living situation by either communicating something only to me or only to the host mom. The middle-man wasn't always helpful. For example, one day my host mom received a message directly from the staff about a fan for me, and then she was upset and asked me why I didn't tell her directly for a fan instead of telling Adelante. I said it wasn't my idea--it's just that I was asked if I had a fan and I said no because I didn't. I wasn't trying to go behind her back and complain, but I think she felt like that, and it wasn't helpful for our dynamic / relationship.