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Previous to me volunteering at African Impact, my experiences with Africa where purely based around safari holidays and photographic expeditions. What I didn't realize was just how these trips had blinkered me from a much wider and more encompassing experience.

The photography project was perfectly in line with my own personal opinions and viewpoints of photography and ethical approaches to wildlife, and it was nice to be taken back to basics and to rebuild my skills and creative techniques with more focus. Getting to know more about the research being done and, in particular, the community was fantastic and knowing how photography aided these projects was great. The fact that our photographs weren't just for our own use but making an 'impact' too, it reaffirmed my love and passion for photography and opened my eyes up to just how important this artistic medium can be if correctly tapped into.

The lodge was beautiful, all staff were enthusiastic, passionate and kind, the food was plentiful and tasty. The worst thing was having to say goodbye to people who had become more like family by the end of a short four week stay.

How can this program be improved?
Keep doing what everyone's doing. Don't settle or tread water, keep pushing and looking for new innovative ways and avenues to carry on making an impact.
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Yes, I would
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Hey Sam,

Thank you for such an awesome review. We're so happy that you've joined the African Impact family!

Your African Impact team