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I always wanted to go to Greece, being Greek-American. I took the Travel Writing class, even though I am a math major. I loved my experience with CYA. To start, the academics were challenging, but not overbearing. CYA did a great job balancing exploring and learning. They encouraged us to get out and explore Greece. Class time was used well and I learned a lot about myself and about travel writing. My writing skills improved in many ways, and I found a new skill for food writing. I think anyone could find a course at CYA that they find interesting. I would say taking a course unrelated to your major, or your comfort zone, could prove to be more beneficial to you.

The living situations over the course were great. The apartment in Athens was homey and probably one of the nicer places in Athens. It had air conditioning, wifi, and a balcony view. It also was decorated to really make you live like an Athenian and get into the Greek culture. The apartment reminded me of my childhood home, coming from a Greek family. The hotels they provided for outside Athens were really nice. They had wifi and air conditioning and were located in lively areas.

CYA allowed you to get as culturally immersed as you wanted to. If you wanted to stay in your comfort zone, you could eat at places like Dominoes or Mcdonalds. You could talk to only your roommates, or you could break out and get to know local Greeks. You can try and find places where the locals eat, where there is no menu in English because there aren't many tourists. Most of the people attending the program wanted to get as culturally immersed as possible. The staff helps you do it by listing activities you could do and by taking you on some group activities. The entire staff is some of the best, and they really seemed to care about the students. They made sure we were safe and overall, the locations we went to were all safe.

The students attending the program provided a great community. I made so many lifelong friends, and I think most people did, too. CYA gave us enough free time to take day trips to nearby islands and weekend trips to farther places. I was able see so much more of Greece by attending CYA, than if I had gone any other way. I loved my time in Greece and I think anyone would love CYA.

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Thank you so much for your review Angel! We agree that the cultural immersion can really enhance your experience, and we are glad you found so many opportunities to experience the culture while in Greece! Please keep in touch with us!