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As a first time traveler, the thought of going halfway across the world on my own was simply terrifying. I have always been passionate about helping others, and exploring new parts of the world but the opportunity never really presented itself. One day I randomly came across the IVHQ website, when I realized that my dream COULD become a reality. I started to research more about the program, and sure enough I was on my way to Africa! Embarking on this journey on my own would have never been possible if I didn’t have the support from IVHQ. IVHQ provided me with a sense of security, but also led me to a yearning to explore the world even more. I was able to work with a students of all ages and shared my love for teaching with them. I met wonderful people from across the globe that showed me the beauty of unity and culture. I never thought that I could feel so at home in a completely different country, but I know that this is only the beginning of my volunteer journey with IVHQ.

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I'm glad to hear that IVHQ were able to help you turn your dream into a reality and we hope you will volunteer with us again in the future. Thanks again for choosing IVHQ and being a great volunteer! ^William - IVHQ Zambia Program Manager